Rapp Trans (NL) b.v.

Rapp Trans (NL) b.v., based in Utrecht (The Netherlands), is part of the Rapp Group, one of Europe's leading engineering and design consultancies.

Rapp Trans is leading in the field of Road User Charging and Tolling Systems, Electronic Fee Collection, Traffic Management and Evaluating Road Transport Policy and Projects.

We deliver transport policy objectives through the application of new technologies. Our experience is to associate of the practical, policy and technical issues associated with the development of transport policies.

We are working extensively with government clients, with system suppliers and service providers and other consultancies. Rapp Trans offers ITS Services with their team of experts based in Switzerland, the Netherlands and Germany.

Rapp Trans (NL) b.v.

Phone +31 6 165 96 010, E-mail: info@rapptrans.nl
De Hoopkade 12, 3604 DZ Maarssen (Utrecht), The Netherlands